Welcome to Peace Space

Street Sign

A truly peaceful space has become available at 30 Doveton Street,  Elphinstone. This space is now whispering, beckoning those who will benefit from living creatively to come within its gentle fold.

This is a property, land that will draw ‘the right people’. The current owners tell a delightful story of how they came to live here fifteen years ago. They were searching for a cabin and studio spaces, wanting to relocate from what they called their ‘sea space’ and came looking near Castlemaine. To cut a long story short they felt that the universe guided them here. They had to wait while the previous owners made up their minds to finally go but they knew, from the beginning, that they would come to call this space home.

Over the fifteen years this property has been loved by their family, friends, the community and a broad healing community.

Respond to the call! Come and visit and you will understand just what this place offers. From the first glimpse of the guardian owl  totem at the entrance you will be enchanted and see potentialities.


View from Entrance-1

Rose Garden

  1. It looks and sounds fantastic, and aspects remind me of a property my wife and I used to own.
    I’d be interested if I was in the market. Best wishes with its sale.

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